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Protecting Your Roof From Severe Weather

Roofing Company Protecting Roof From Weather Elements

If your area has a lot of rainfall and severe weather in general, a very important measure to protect your roof is the installation of anti-condensation foil.  Roofing companies in the North Eastern states such as New England Masonry and Restoration typically deal with roofs that see lots of rainfall and other weather elements.

This foil ensures the sealing and ventilation of the roof, its purpose having the result of prolonging its lifespan and ensuring a compact and elegant design. Basically, it is designed to protect the roof from the harmful effects that humidity generates. We are talking about a membrane, which is mounted on the outside of the roof, under the cover, directly on the rafters.

Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of a building. Protecting the roof with anti-condensation foil guarantees the elimination of vapors that form under the cover. Moreover, the anti-condensation foil does not allow humidity penetration and protects the roof from natural factors such as rain and temperature variations.

It also plays a key role in roof`s ventilation, taking over the differences in temperature, a common problem especially in the case of the roofs made of metal sheets. Although polyethylene foils are still used in constructions, it should be noted that this type of foil does not allow proper vapor diffusion. As a result, the polyethylene foil becomes will deteriorate sooner.

The anti-condensation foil is particularly recommended for buildings with habitable attics, where condensation is a common occurrence.