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Repairing Storm Damage To Your Masonry

Masonry Restoration Necessary

Masonry structures of a building are strong and durable (hence their steady popularity), but even so, they can be damaged by storms, especially if they come with strong wind and hail.  Whether a recent storm has damaged your brick walls, chimney, your masonry barbeque, or your masonry garden pathways, do not worry: all these structures can be repaired relatively easily.

Damaged brick in the walls must be replaced. This operation is not very difficult; you will have to hit the damaged brick gently with a hammer to dislocate it, then apply caulk around the hole, place in the new brick and clean the excess caulk.

If some bricks only present small or medium cracks, you should be able to fix these without replacing them altogether. You need to make a paste from powdered concrete and water and apply it on the cracks. Allow it to dry completely and then use some paint to restore the appearance of the repaired area. Chips in the bricks can be repaired the same way.

When it comes to masonry restoration for the chimney`s masonry, things get more complicated, because it is about working at height, and besides, a damaged chimney likely allows water infiltration, so you will probably have to do more than restoring the masonry to make your chimney stable again. If you are not sure about doing everything on your own, call the specialists.