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Repairing Storm Damage to Your Masonry

Hailstone Damage To Exterior Of Home Or Business

Masonry structures are strong and durable, but even so, they can be damaged by storms, especially if they are associated with hail, too. Whether the recent storm has damaged your brick wall, your brick chimney, your masonry barbeque, the stone-lined flowerbeds in your garden or your masonry pathway, don’t worry, masonry structures can be repaired relatively easily, here is how:

  • Replacing bricks in walls – remove the caulk around the brick that needs to be replaced, remove the damaged brick gently hitting it with a hammer, apply some new caulk around the hole, then place in the new brick and remove any excess caulk;
  • Fixing small or medium cracks – you will need to prepare some concrete paste mixing powdered concrete available in home improvement stores and water. Apply the paste on the crack, wait until it hardens completely, then you can restore the appearance of the repaired part with some paint and dexterity.  For best results call masonry restoration Connecticut professionals with experience;
  • Fixing chips – concrete paste is what you need for these repairs, too. The process is essentially the same as in the case of cracks – use the paste to restore the shape of the brick or of the stone, then wait for the repaired section to dry and then paint it to restore its appearance, too.