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Replacing Windows to Save Money and to Improve the Comfort of Your Home

Old, drafty windows are a nuisance – they not only ruin the comfort of your home, especially if you live in regions that gets colder weather, but they also make you waste money by increasing cooling and heating bills. One of the best solution for the problem is to get the old, dysfunctional windows replaced with new ones – here is why:

  • Old windows are usually single-pane structures in wooden frames, while modern windows use two or three panes separated by vacuum or gas to further improve efficiency and are available with varied frame designs. A good double or triple window can reduce the amount of energy lost through the window by at least 25-50% in cold periods and around 20% in summer,


  • Double or triple-pane windows provide excellent insulation from noise as well, so they are especially useful for homes in noisy areas such as for buildings close to busy roads,


  • New windows add curb appeal to the building and increase the resale value of the property. However, local talented masonry restoration Connecticut experts often recommend restoring the windows as much as possible, but update glass to increase insulation;


  • New windows might seem expensive, but you don’t have to pay the entire price – you can check your possibilities to apply for a federal tax credit to reduce the financial burden of installing, energy-efficient windows on your home.