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Will Your Building Become Unstable Without Proper Building Restoration?

Restoration Buildinng Construction

Building restoration refers to increasing the resistance of a construction through an intervention that aims to strengthen the foundation and the masonry. It can also be completed by renovation works, in order to modernize the building.

Any construction will eventually reveal structural problems, as the time goes by, due to earth movements, weather and factors that wear out different parts of it (e.g., improper renovation works). Without the safety of a solid base and structure, a building loses its stability and becomes a risk for people who live or work on the premises, but also for nearby buildings and passers-by.

Therefore, even disused buildings, especially if they are located in crowded areas, require periodic consolidation works to prevent accidents or even disasters. Pieces of such a building (plaster, decorative elements or bricks) can fall unexpectedly, and, in the event of an earthquake, the building itself may collapse, damaging surrounding buildings or causing other accidents.

If the building restoration specialists estimate that a building needs restoration, the works must be started as soon as possible. Currently, specialized construction companies can consolidate buildings shortly, without compromising on the quality of the works, so people living or working in there will not have to leave their home or office for a long time.

What Are the Risks of Improper Masonry Restoration?

connecticut masonry restoration older building

There are several reasons why various cracks may appear in the interior or exterior walls of buildings. Some are superficial and can be repaired very easily, while others are deeper, and the repair process may have to be approached differently.

Construction materials (brick, concrete, etc.) have different behaviors over time and are exposed to various factors that may lead to the appearance of cracks.

The causes can be multiple. For example, cement is more sensitive to temperature variations and can crack more easily than other materials, but these cracks are typically superficial.  Also, cracks in the Connecticut masonry are often caused by drying contractions of the plaster. These cracks are the only ones that do not affect the stability and strength of a building, and usually occur:

  • at the joints between the walls and beams;
  • at the joints between two different materials, for example masonry and drywall;
  • on the route of certain conductors or pipes embedded in the plaster;
  • at the top of the doors.

But there are also subsidence cracks, or cracks caused by earthquakes, which can be remedied only with the help of a technical expert or a construction engineer, because, in this case, there are risks of improper masonry restoration that go beyond the unsightly appearance; they may affect the stability of the building and the safety of those who live or work there.

How Professionals Go about Concrete Restoration

building restoration new england masonry

When it comes to professional building restoration, the process usually involves concrete restoration as well. While the process of resurfacing pavements or even building facades might seem like an easy and straightforward task, it takes an experienced professional to restore concrete surface properly. Here is how dedicated and experienced professionals handle these projects:

  • Knowing the difference between repair and restoration – if you have a concrete surface that has developed a crack or a hole, there are practically two ways to fix the issue. one is to repair the damage by adding some new cement into the crack or hole, there is to restore the surface using methods that will create a new and uniform surface that blends into the surroundings perfectly.
  • Modern technology is used for durable and attractive results – high quality concrete restoration work today involves the usage of chemical solutions to achieve durability as well as the selection of the right processes to ensure that the surface is as beautiful as it used to be its best days. Concrete restoration specialists need to study for a long time and they also need to keep up with the latest technologies available to make sure but the surface is that they work on are impeccable down to the smallest detail.

The Risks of Hiring an Inexperienced Contractor for Building Restoration

Ask an expert building restoration process

When starting a building restoration project, you always have to begin with finding the right team to do it. That’s because not everyone who has worked in construction knows how to restore a building. Sure, a lot of the terms and procedures might be similar, but there are also some that are very specific to restoring. That’s why you need to find somebody that has experience in restoration projects. They understand the differences between creating something new and bringing back something old. That experience is why they are sometimes so difficult to find.

You may find a lot of people claiming that they have experience in building restoration. Before you hire anybody, you should ask for a portfolio and even some references. That’s because there are many who just want to scam others. And if you fall for it you might end up with a lot more than just wasted time and money. You can end up with a building that is more damaged than when they started. Also, you might end up wasting valuable resources such as information, tools and materials that could have been used to actually restore the building. So always make sure that the people you hire for a restoration project are capable of doing it.       

What You Didn’t Know About Connecticut Masonry and Concrete Restoration

concrete restoration cracking new england masonry

One of the main things that people may not know about masonry and concrete restoration in Connecticut is that they are not the same. Masonry refers to the buildings and other constructions done using bricks, rocks and other stackable materials. Concrete refers to a type of cement that can be poured in various shapes and can be used in many buildings, both structurally and decoratively. Although the two may be combined, restoring them is different form one case to another.

Another thing not many people might know about concrete restoration in Connecticut is that it is very difficult to do. When doing masonry restoration, you can find the materials easier. But when concrete is involved, there are some very big problems. That’s because depending on the age of the building, the recipe for the concrete used might have changed and might not be available any more. For instance, some concrete mixtures use volcanic ash. That is harder to come by nowadays. Also, because concrete is a composite material, it erodes faster. So, restoring it can be quite tricky because the base is sometimes unstable. You have to be very careful when doing jobs like these, because you might just end up with a pile of dust if you are not able to keep a steady hand. Look to New England Masonry and Restoration at https://www.nemasonry.com for all your concrete restoration services.