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4 Questions to Ask a Building Restoration Specialist

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Building restoration may not be the most interesting project, but it can be manageable even for beginners. If you have never dealt with organizing a restoration, you may feel lost trying to figure out which questions are most important to ask.

First and foremost, you should know if the company is bonded and insured. In order to be able to work in your state, a building restoration specialist usually has to have proof of insurance. It is also very important that any technicians that are performing your restoration should be properly certified.

Secondly, an important detail to find out is whether the professional team you are about to hire has experience working with projects that are similar to yours. Along with that, you may want to check the company’s availability and if it matches your personal deadlines. For instance, it is important to know if they can be called in to work on emergency restoration projects. Working with a company like New England Masonry and Restoration who has years of experience in building restoration is recommended.

Third, a reliable company should also provide you with the exact timeframe required for fully restoring your building and give you enough details to help you establish your budget.

Finally, a good question you should ask is the type of insurance the company carries, and the number of building permits which they have received in your zone during recent years.

Do Connecticut Masonry Repair Tasks Take Long to Finish?

Building Restoration Repair Expert

Concrete restoration in Connecticut can take various forms and may take long to finish. When the roofing system has leaks, this is a warning sign for most homeowners. Similarly, when there are issues related to the foundation of the building, serious steps need to be taken to ensure it is safe for use.

The first step is a thorough inspection. After that, the owner of the building can decide on which materials to choose for the building restoration, and with the help of a masonry expert can make the right choices concerning the type of work that needs to be done and the amount of time it may take to complete all of the repairs.

Some of the most common problems that professional restorers usually look for is the bulging of the walls, cracks appearing between the bricks, and many more. In many cases, a sealer should be applied to fix leaks.

Masonry workers usually deal with concrete, brick or stone. Some of the various projects masonry workers might do include home exteriors, walkways and walls. Most masonry units, no matter if they are bricks or stones, are typically laid and cemented together with mortar. If you hire experienced professionals for masonry repair, you get to save time and money.

Reasons Why You May Need Building Restoration Services

Building Restoration Project Repairs Done

Maybe the house you live in is old and hasn’t gone through repairs and restoration for a while. Or maybe a relatively new building that has begun to face some problems, because there have been errors in the construction process, or there were some extreme natural phenomena that have left their mark on it.

Any building requires maintenance and care from time to time, and, in this regard, it can be compared to a living being: it also has a routine of its own that must be respected in order to remain functional.

When it comes to repairing a building, the situations are very diverse and may require professional building restoration services to strengthen a weakened and therefore potentially dangerous structure.

Building restoration means returning a structure to a safe condition through repairs, reinforcements or alterations. This is necessary for the building to be safe for those who live or work inside it, and to eliminate the major risks that occur especially in exceptional situations, such as earthquakes.

Building restoration works aim at eliminating all or part of the deficiencies that lead to a level of structural safety insufficient in relation to the performance objectives set by the beneficiary. Restoration specialists can perform individual consolidations, which involve interventions on a small number of structural elements that have been damaged or that have insufficient resistance capacity in relation to the proposed level of performance, as well as overall consolidation works, which involve interventions on a large number or even the totality of structural elements.

Why You May Need a Specialist in Concrete Restoration in Connecticut

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The design of durable reinforced concrete structures has recently been introduced into national and international regulations. It is necessary for these structures to be designed to retain their characteristics throughout their lifetime, avoiding premature failure and the need for extraordinary maintenance and restoration work. Therefore, considerable efforts have been made in recent decades to define useful models that describe the degradation processes affecting reinforced concrete structures, to be used at the design stage to evaluate the material characteristics and structural layout of the structure.

Concrete has a number of contradictions. It is so popular in construction because it is extremely strong and durable. On the other hand, concrete is an unstable building material that reacts quickly to chemical or mechanical influences. Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken regularly to protect the concrete structures. This includes, for example, sealing or impregnating the material.

It is essential to fix the cause of the damage before performing repairs. A concrete restoration specialist in Connecticut will identify these causes and find the best masonry restoration solutions to prevent further damage. In this way, improvised repairs that will not have long-term results are avoided.

Concrete repair therefore consists of several stages:

  • Identifying and remedying the cause of damage
  • Preparing the concrete surface for repairs
  • Concrete surface repair
  • Taking protective measures to protect the rehabilitated or repaired concrete, in the long term.

Building Restoration vs. Buying a New Building – What Are the Pros and Cons?

Pros Cons Building Restoration

The question often arises, what is worth more: restoring an old house or building a new one?  Most people think that if the house is more than 50 years old, it is better to demolish it and build a new one in its place.  But is this really the best choice?

The decision depends on the condition of the house: structure, energy certificate, insulation, maintenance costs. 

Before considering a building restoration, you should check the energy condition of the house, but also to determine all the works that should be carried out.  The restoration project may take some time, so make sure you are prepared for it.  Also, additional unplanned costs may arise during the project if the planned restoration work was not carried out with sufficient accuracy.

When is it worth restoring the house?

In general, it is worth investing in a restoration project if the building is no older than 50 years. If it is, a thorough renovation is required, which can cost much more than building a new house. The restoration of a building is justified when the changes do NOT include: changing the layout of the rooms, changing the exterior walls or a complete stylistic transformation. It is also preferred by people who own houses with historical value.