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Category: Roofing

What Is the Difference Between a Shingle, Tile and Metal Roof in Commercial Roofing?

commercial roofing slope metal roof

Materials that are typically used for sloped roofing can be used in commercial roofing Connecticut as well. Even though you might own a commercial building, it doesn’t mean that your building can’t have a regular sloped roof. In fact, many building owners who want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their buildings will normally opt for a beautiful sloped roof.

In this context, it’s important to talk about the three main types of sloped roofs that you might encounter: shingle, tile and metal roofs. Although metal can typically fall under either category, it’s usually added to a “box” of its own, since it can be used successfully both in flat and sloped roofing.

Shingle roofs are usually associated with asphalt shingles, but they can also be modern versions such as architectural and composite shingles. These are chosen primarily because of their low cost, easy practice of recycling them and impressive appearance (especially in the case of architectural shingles).

Tile roofing can also look great, but its durability is far increased. Whereas a common asphalt roof only lasts about 20 years, a natural slate tile roof could even get close to a projected lifespan of 150-200 years. The only downside is that these roofing materials are quite expensive.

Metal presents an excellent balance between tile and shingle roofs. It can be adapted to any style, and it can also be used as metal panel roofing and adapted to flat roofs. Metal lasts for more than half a century, it’s low maintenance, and it’s also very energy-efficient, making it an ideal candidate for a commercial roofing system.

When It Comes To A Tile Roof, Can You Pick Out Any Color You Would Like?

brick home tile roofing gray

A roofing system plays a very important part in the well-functioning of a home. At the same time, it should also look nice, and should generally fit in the assembly of your entire home. Your chosen color should definitely match your home’s architecture and style.

So despite the fact that you may not always choose any color you would like, there certainly are many options. Especially if your roof is made from materials such as asphalt shingles, there are many beautiful colors and shades.

In case you want to improve the look of your home, you can surely consider trying new colors. There is also the option of creating a contrast with the rest of your building. You can feel free to ask for samples, in order to make the best choices for your roof. You can check a roofing company’s offer on its website, and then ask for them to bring you samples of your preferred colors.

Another thing to bear in mind while deciding on your tile roof colors is that sunlight will certainly influence how your roof will look in the end. Also, you should know that the color of your roof has an impact on the temperatures in your home. Look to New England Masonry and Restoration for your new roofing system.

Is It Better To Put Shingles, Tile Roofs Or Metal Roofs On A Commercial Building?

tile roofs metal new england roofing choices commercial structures

In case your commercial building is sloped, it can be built out of shingles or tiles. The most common types of shingles include wood shakes and shingles or asphalt shingles. Slate is another good idea particularly for sloped type of roofing system. For commercial roofs with a flat surface, such materials are less common. For instance, it is not recommended to put shingles on a flat roof, as they are not sealed and can leak. But this is still possible, if you hire an experienced team of roofers. Also, it is possible to install tiles on an EPDM roof.

Metal roofs on a commercial building certainly represent the preferred choice for many US residents. That is due to the tropical storms which can be a real threat in this part of the world. Metal is very resistant to outside weather, not allowing water to peep inside the building.

At the same time, metal is environmentally-friendly. It can last for decades, and sometimes does not need to be replaced at all. Moreover, most metal roofs are recyclable. Metal is energy efficient, helping you save money on your energy bill, and it is fireproof.

As a conclusion, metal is the most recommended material for mostly any commercial building, find out more from New England Masonry and Restoration.

What Is Included In Preventative Roof Maintenance?

commercial roofing we've got you covered maintenance preventative

Preventative commercial roofing Connecticut maintenance plays a major role in preserving your roofing system in a good shape, for the well-being of those living under your roof. First of all, you must remove all debris from your roof. This includes dirt, gravel, branches, twigs, and so on. The thing is such materials can absorb moisture and therefore can wreak havoc on your roof, causing many problems both to its exterior and to its interior parts.

Drains should also be cleared on a regular basis. This is intended for preventing water accumulations on your roof, which lead to leaks and damage at the structural level of your roof.

The surface of your roof should be inspected often. Thus, you can look out for holes, cracks or any back-out of the fasteners. At the same time, you may discover signs of damage to the roofing membrane.

Another thing to inspect is the roof penetrations, which typically include drains, pipes and other parts which penetrate through the surface of the roof. Therefore, it is essential to check the HVAC units, the gas lines, the rain collars, and so on.

The rooftop perimeter is yet another area to carefully consider. There you can see signs of mold, algae, fungus, etc. 

How Long Does It Take To Install A Tile Roof Compared To A Shingles Roof?

commercial roofing how long for install ask the right questions

Many people and businesses may not like the idea of having to replace their roof altogether. However, sometimes it is the best thing to do, especially if your roofing system got severely damaged by weather events.

Every type of shingles available on the market has its very own characteristics. As a consequence, the installation time span can be different for each type of shingles. It’s good to note that there are different commercial roofing CT products and installation times to consider.

As far as wooden shingles are concerned, they can be installed within 3-4 days, whereas slate tiles can be installed within 6-7 days. Asphalt shingles can be installed in a very short period time, i.e. of 1-2 days, while concrete tiles and shingles can take about 8-9 days.

However, the amount of time necessary for installation can depend on other factors as well, and is best left to commercial roofing CT. Weather plays a major role in the length of time required for roof installation. If you decide to do the installation in the cold season, there certainly would be some other steps to be taken. At the same time, it is not recommended that you do the re-shingling when it is raining or snowing.

The roofing materials, size of the roof or the warranties are some other key elements which can influence how long it will take to install your tile or shingles roof.