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How to Establish a Practical Roofing Maintenance Plan

Planned Maintenance New England Masonry Roofing

Regardless of whether your building has cheap but durable EPDM roofing, or it features a low slope modified bitumen roof that might require some careful maintenance work, it’s important to establish a proper and practical roofing maintenance plan that will suit your roof perfectly.

In most cases, the following recommendations will work quite well:

  1. Start by calling in your dependable local roofers for a complete and thorough roof inspection. They’ll be able to spot any kind of damage that your roof might have suffered, including the least visible problems that will often go unnoticed by inexperienced roofers that don’t have the same level of skill.
  2. Ask your roofing technicians for advice on the type of maintenance that you might need to take care of when it comes to your specific roof. Commercial roofers in Connecticut will have a lot of good advice on how to prevent issues such as leaks and pooling, while keeping your roof clean and ensuring that you can spot storm damage, punctures and other problems as quickly as possible.
  3. A long term strategy for preventive maintenance needs to be established to ensure that your roof will not succumb to damage easily, and that its lifespan can be effectively increased. With the help of your trusted local commercial roofer at https://www.nemasonry.com, you should be able to find the ideal strategy, preferably having them inspect your roof twice a year and dealing with all the basic maintenance tasks that your roof might need.

Why Regular Roofing Maintenance is Vital for Connecticut Commercial Properties

Preventive Maintenance Roofing Commercial Inspection

You may not think about your commercial roof every day, but this doesn’t change the fact that it plays a very important role in protecting the entire building. So, it makes sense to invest some time and money in preventive maintenance, to keep your roof in good shape.

Here are three reasons that will hopefully convince you.

1. Regular roof maintenance extends its life span

Just like your car, your commercial roof needs maintenance to perform efficiently. If it is ignored, and minor problems are not fixed in a timely manner, you may have to replace it prematurely, and your initial investment will be negatively affected.

2. Regular roof maintenance can help you save money over time

Periodic roof inspections performed by a professional commercial roofing CT company can identify and correct minor problems before they get much worse, reducing your investment in costly roof repairs or roof replacement.

3. Regular roofing maintenance will allow you to take advantage of your warranty

A warranty can give you peace of mind, but just because your roof has a warranty doesn’t mean the installer will repair or replace it in all situations. Each roof warranty has exceptions and limited value. You can void yours accidentally if you fail to prove that your roof has been inspected and maintained by professional roofers at least once a year.

The Importance of Hiring a Licensed and Insured Commercial Roofer

Licensed Insured Commercial Roofing CT

The roof is one of the essential parts of a building. Consequently, hiring a commercial roofer who is licensed and insured is crucial because that way, you can prevent many unwanted accidents and unpleasant situations.

One of the main reasons why hiring a licensed professional is vital is that you do not have to be concerned with safety issues. Thus, licensed and insured commercial roofers have the necessary training and equipment to do a safe job on your roof. At the same time, these trained professionals will certainly know how to work with potentially harmful materials and how to do repair and maintenance jobs even when the weather is less mild.

Another great thing about working with licensed and insured pros is that they can help you with paperwork and special permits. And this can be a great relief, especially for those customers who lack experience working with paperwork.

Moreover, these commercial roofing CT specialists can help you access top-quality materials to enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting, top-quality roof for your commercial property. Warranty and support services are some other important things that licensed roofers can offer.

To ensure safety and longevity, contact a licensed and insured commercial roofer for expert help.

Can You Save Money with EPDM Roofing in New England?

New England Masonry and Restoration Lower Roofing Costs Installation

EPDM roofing installed by New England Masonry and Restoration can help you save money, if you have it properly installed by a professional team. EPDM is one of the easiest to install types of roofing systems, and the installation process is also quite affordable.

This type of roofing is very thick and has many benefits. As it requires little maintenance, EPDM can be quite durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, EPDM does not catch fire easily in case of accidents, which is a major bonus for this roofing material.

Damages are also less likely to occur with EPDM, and even when they happen, repairs are quick and easy. After fitting your EPDM roof, you typically do not have to worry about it for several decades. Moreover, this material is able to improve thermal efficiency, meaning it’s easier for your house to remain cool in the summer and warm in winter, which means you can save money on utility bills.

Although the difference from a conventional roofing material may not be big, every little detail counts, and, when opting for EPDM roofing, you can be sure to enjoy your roof for a long time, while also save money.

Why Are Commercial Flat Roofs Less Durable Than Sloped Roofs?

Commercial Roofing Flat vs Sloped

Commercial roofing CT can be done in several different ways. Nevertheless, flat roots tend to be less durable than sloped roofs.

For one thing, sloped roofs have better resistance against the outside elements. At any rate, it is a well-known fact that larger buildings can take flat roofs, whereas sloped roofs are more recommended for smaller roofing projects.

At the same time, flat roofs can cost more than traditional sloped ones. Flat roofs require more installation steps, and insulation may also be needed. The main reason sloped roofs tend to last longer than flat roofs is that a wider range of materials can be used to build sloped roofs. We could mention concrete, tiles, wood shingles, and so on. And the slopes certainly help your commercial roof better withstand rainfalls, heavy snow, etc.

Flat roofs require regular maintenance, whereas sloped roofs necessitate your care and attention less frequently. No matter the exact type of roof you decide on, you should have it installed, maintained, and repaired by an experienced roofing team for it to last for a long time.

Get in touch with a Connecticut commercial roofer to do the heavy lifting. They won’t just install the roof; they’ll give expert advice too.