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Is EPDM Roofing Able to Withstand a Powerful Storm?

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EPDM roofing is one of the best solutions on the market, especially for buildings in storm prone areas. That’s because the membrane is a very strong one, developed in order to withstand high winds and serious snow and rain fall. The membrane used is a very thick one that envelopes the entire roof and creates a perfect seal even around difficult edges in order to not let water in. Also, the adhesive used is a very strong one, created to not deteriorate over time. Other membrane-based roofing systems may dry up and crack or start curling around the edges due to sun exposure. This system doesn’t do that.

Also, EPDM roofing is great especially when you have a large roof surface that you want to protect from storms and other bad weather. The system is designed to be easily installed and just as easily fixed, if anything were to happen to it. So, in order to make sure that the roof is ready for anything that might come, regular inspections are a must. Also, any problems the membrane might have should be taken care of as soon as possible. Especially because repairs to a commercial roofing CT system are easy to do and can last for a very long time.

Connecticut Commercial Roofing Tips for Reroofing Older Buildings

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One of the best tips regarding Connecticut commercial roofing is to always make sure that you actually need to reroof your commercial building. Sometimes people rush to conclusions and end up spending a lot more money than they need to. That’s why it is important to firstly assess the situation correctly and figure out if you do actually need to reroof your old building or just repair the existing roof. You might be surprised how much money and time you can actually save.

Another tip for Connecticut commercial roofing is to always work with reputable companies. You may want things done quick and cheap, but that will usually mean that the quality won’t be there. In order to make sure that you don’t waste your money make sure that the company you hire is a respectable one. That means you will have to do some research about them before hiring but it will all be worth it.

Finally, when talking about Connecticut commercial roofing, make sure that you know about your roofing warranty. There are a lot of companies out there that offer warranties for their work and a lot of people that simply forget to ask about them or just ignore it. That may be the difference between a long lasting roof and just throwing money at a problem hoping it will go away.

Tips for Getting Your First Commercial Roofing Quote

Top Tips Commercial Roofing Restoration New England Masonry

Contacting at least three or four different roofing contractors and asking them to provide detailed cost estimates for the roofing project that you have in mind is an important step towards getting the best service for the best price. Collecting multiple quotes will actually give you an idea about how much roofing services cost in your area and it will also give you the opportunity to choose the company that meets your requirements not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of pricing. If you are in the process of hiring a commercial roofing company, here are some speaking things that lead up to obtaining cost estimates:

  • Research your options – the larger the scale of your roofing project, the more options you have. If you are looking for a new roof on your commercial property, for example, you have many choices in terms of materials and installation solutions. Before you start contacting roofers, try to figure out the materials and solutions that would work best for your geographic area as well as for your budget and start evaluating local roofers such as New England Masonry and Restoration afterwards.
  • While talking to potential roofers, be as specific as you can – giving the roofers all the project-related information that they need during the very first meeting is a great way to ensure that the cost estimates they issue will be accurate and that the roofing project will go as smoothly as possible.

Is Roofing Maintenance Difficult for EPDM Roofs?

EPDM roofing commercial building connecticut services

Also known as rubber roofs, EPDM roofing is one of the most popular roofing materials used on flat structures. Whether installed on commercial buildings or on modern residential applications, EPDM comes with lots of benefits, including not only high levels of resistance to the elements and durability, but also very low maintenance needs. Here are some things that you should know about correctly maintaining your EPDM roof:

  • Cleaning is of the essence – one of the most important tasks to perform on your rubber roof is regular cleaning. The process is quite easy and straightforward, requiring only the removal of the debris accumulated on the roof, but performing the task right on schedule as very important for ensuring the prolonged half of your roof. If you want to give your roofing the best treatment, it this probably a good idea to hire professionals for the cleaning process. Your roofing contractor will use methods that are more efficient than cleaning the roof with some warm soapy water the solutions they deploy resulting in depart cleanliness.
  • Roof inspections – roof cleaning should always be associated with a detailed inspection of the roofing surface. EPDM being such a resistant material, the faults that the regular commercial roofing Connecticut inspections reveal are likely to be very small and easy to remedy.

What Your Commercial Roofer Should Do Once They Complete a Roof Installation Project

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A commercial rooferʼs job does not end with the installation of the roof. It continues with maintenance and repair services according to the warranty that both the commercial roofing CT professional and the customer had previously agreed upon. After a roof installation project is completed, maintenance should be sought with the same professional company bound by contract to provide services such as roof coating. The type of services required post-installation should be decided on after considering the following factors: roof visibility, location of the building, green initiatives, insulation, and original construction materials. In terms of maintenance, the roofing system should be considered carefully. For instance, TPO roofing lasts almost thirty years, and EPDM roofing lasts a maximum of thirty-five years. Their durability is only exceeded by asphalt roofing and Butler MR – 24 SS roof system that can last up to forty years.

Maintenance must be performed as soon as there is visible damage on the roof: blistering bubbles, pooling water, damaged seals, stained ceilings, dark spots on interior walls, mold, punctures, cracks, or tears. All in all, to benefit the most from repair services provided by a commercial roofer, it pays to consider the following: initial assessment of damage, money-saving options, reliable references, customized repair expenses, and free preventive maintenance advice.