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Safe Methods For Cleaning The Snow Off The Roof Of Your Building

roof heavy snow removal building restoration needed

Protecting your roof from the outside elements ultimately means protecting your home investment and cost of building restoration. When the cold season comes, many property owners have to deal with the issue of removing snow from their building. And doing that safely becomes mandatory.

Many people consider that removing snow from your roof should be done no matter the amount. However, this may involve safety risks and potential roof damages. So it is best to remove snow from your roof only when it is absolutely necessary.

In order to determine when snow removal becomes necessary, you need to put in balance your building’s roof weight capacity with the amount of snow accumulated. The type of snow also has a lot to say in this respect. Thus, wet snow certainly weighs more than fresh, puffy type of snow.

Most contemporary buildings can take about 40 pounds of snow per square foot. At the same time, the type of roof can influence the method or time needed for snow removal. While a pitched roof does a great job keeping your building safe from excessive snow loads, a flat roof is more likely to need manual snow removal.

In case you are not familiar with the roofing business, you should call on roofing experts for snow removal off your building.