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Safety Tips For Roofing & Masonry Repairs

Work Safely

Working at height means working in any place where, unless safety measures are taken, a person may fall and the consequences may be injuries or death. Falling from height is one of the most frequent working accidents among roofers. The most common causes include dropping from ladders and frail roofs, as well as slipping on the roof.

Before you begin working at height, you should go through these steps:

  • Evaluate the situation or, if you do not have the necessary competence, seek specialized help
  • Avoid working at height if there are other options
  • When working at height cannot be avoided, prevent falls by properly securing the worksite and by wearing the correct type of protective equipment
  • Minimize the distance and the consequences of the fall, by using the correct type of equipment, when the risk cannot be eliminated completely

In the process of avoiding and minimizing risks, information is always the first step.

Below, there are three methods of protection used by roofing workers:

  • Falling protection – involves equipment used to support the user and catch him before, during or after a possible fall
  • Stopping the fall – is done with a protection system that allows users to work in a risky area and stops them from falling
  • Positioning – involves supportive equipment that helps the roofers work safely, in certain positions necessary to reach different areas of the roof.

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