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Signs the Storm Has Damaged Your Commercial Roof

Storms can damage roofs in many ways, but many forms of damage can be insidious, aggravating in an unnoticed way. It is not always obvious that the change that you have noticed on the roof surface has been caused by a storm, so here are some indicators that your commercial roof has, indeed, sustained storm damage:

  • Pieces of roofing cover in the yard – storms can cause the covering material on your roof to break into pieces and the wind is likely to sweep those pieces off and drop them in your yard. If pieces of shingles, mortar, roof fastening nails or other materials that make up your roof appear in the yard, it is a sure sign that something bad has happened to your roof;
  • Damp patches in the attic – if the storm has displaced any of your roof covering components, water has probably made its way into your attic, so you should look for damp patches or droplets of water where they shouldn’t be;
  • Damaged roofing cover – bruised, buckling, curling shingles, shingles with the surface granules missing, dents and cracks on metal, chipped or cracked tiles are also signs to look for after storm;
  • Damaged or sagging gutters and downspouts – storms are not gentle on the gutters either. Strong winds can tear off both the gutters and the spouts, while hail can cause dents and cracks.  For damage to roof and gutters, call the professional roofers at http://www.nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing for great roofing services.