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Signs Your Masonry Has Been Damaged by Hail

masonry damage hail restorationMasonry is used for many purposes around the home – you can use masonry for your exterior walls, for your fence, for your pathway, you can have a masonry fireplace, the list of applications can go on and on. Masonry surely makes versatile, attractive and durable structures, but it can be damaged by strong impact, such as the impact caused by hailstones. Here are the signs of damage that indicate your masonry structure has sustained hail damage:

  • Chips and cracks – when hailstones hit, they hit hard, the most obvious signs of masonry damage being cracks and chips on the masonry surface;
  • Red debris – strong impact might also cause masonry surfaces to crumble, so look for red powder on the ground in the area around the masonry structure;
  • Discolored areas – your masonry structure might also lose its color in the areas that were more severely hit by hail, so when the storm is gone, start looking for discolorations;
  • Damage affecting only one or two of your walls – hailstones are blown by the wind, so the damage is likely to affect only the walls that the wind bumps into;
  • Removed mortar – hail can also remove the mortar that is gluing together the pieces of the masonry structure, such as the bricks. Call masonry restoration Connecticut companies for immediate repairs at the first sign of deterioration.