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Skills Needed to Work in Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Need Skills

Commercial roofing is a complex trade that requires constant learning, a set of technical skills and knowledge as well as specific personality traits. Here are some of the requirements that the profession needs:

  • Specialized knowledge – theoretical knowledge of math, physics, the ability to use power tools, to make measurements and to read technical drawings are all among the basic requirements.  Commercial roofing Connecticut specialists also need knowledge about the various roofing materials and roofing technologies used for commercial applications;
  • Common sense, resistence to stress and problem solving – a good commercial roofer is a person who is can handle stress well, who can make good decisions even in tense situations or when they are pressed for time and who can always find the most adequate and simplest solution to the issue that needs to be tackled;
  • Physical abilities – any roofing work, commercial projects included, involves work done at heights and in awkward positions, therefore roofers need to be in great physical condition and they need to be able to move comfortably when they are high up, installing, dismantling, repairing or dismantling roofs. Roofing work is often done in extreme heat or cold, so roofers need to be able to resist such harsh conditions as well.