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The Benefits of Using TPO on Your Next Roof

Benefits TPO Commercial Roofing Used In Residential Connecticut roofs

TPO roofing is a modern roofing solution preferred for Connecticut commercial roofing projects as well as for residential structures. Used for building flat roofs, TPO is a synthetic rubber membrane available in white and preferred by building owners as well as by roofers for its many qualities. Here are some of the features that make TPO so popular:

  • Affordability – The exact costs of your new roof will depend on many factors, including the size of your structure, the types of extra features to be installed and the rates practiced in your area, but TPO is one of the most affordable material solutions available today.
  • Quick and easy installation – The other great feature that makes TPO so popular is the quick installation process. Even if your roof is really large, getting your TPO roof up will not take more than a couple of days.
  • Resistance and durability – the synthetic membrane is known to be one of the strongest materials used today, a solution that you can use to create a roof that stands up to almost any weather, even to harsh events.
  • Energy efficiency – TPO comes in white, the color that stands out in terms of thermal performance. your white roof will reflect solar radiation very efficiently, thus helping you reduce the amount of energy you need for maintaining the temperatures inside your building cool and comfortable.