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The Best Connecticut Roofing Trends – What to Look for in the Best Roof

Latest Trends

Connecticut is a place that, despite being close to the busy East Coast, is quite tranquil and peaceful. If you just moved to Connecticut, you’re probably surprised at the quaint, relaxing countryside scenery and many green areas. Without a doubt, this state is one of the best places in the US to live in, and making your home look great here is quite literally like a walk in the park.


Most places in Connecticut have houses that mirror or blend in well with nature. Trees, flowers, rocks and rivers are some of the main inspirations that local homeowners have when renovating their homes, along with the classical architecture that has made its mark on the entire region.


When it comes to roofing, Connecticut is ripe with houses that have roofs that blend in well with the scenery including the commercial roofing CT business owners have installed, as well as with the bright colors, intricate finishes and straight lines of the exterior. Wood is not uncommon, and slate is also a favorite among locals, since one of the main aims is to have a roof that blends durability with fashionable aesthetics and a classical appearance.


For the same reason, metal and concrete roofing are also quite popular here, and classical styles and trends will never go out of fashion when considering the main roofing designs that Connecticut homeowners opt for.