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The Best Materials for Flat Commercial Roofs

Commercial New England Roofing Types

Commercial facilities need roofs that meet special requirements, offering not only durability and resistance to the elements, but low maintenance needs, energy-efficiency and sustainability as well. Here are some of the best options:

  • TPO – this material is a single-ply, thermoplastic membrane that can be applied using various methods, including adhesion, mechanical attachment, ballasting and bonding. The features that make the solution so popular these days are affordability, 100% recyclability and durability;
  • Built-up asphalt roofs – these roofs consist of alternate layers of tar paper and gravel and provide a resistant and durable solution;
  • Polyurethane – the material consists of two liquid components that transform into a resistant and durable foam when they come into contact with air. The roofing solution is excellent for creating a waterproof roof that has superior insulating properties as well. Polyurethane roofs can stay on the building for up to 50 years;
  • Metal – the large sheets made from special alloys are durable, resistant to any weather and easy to maintain;
  • Green roofs – this attractive and sustainable solution is also a complex one, that requires the installation of special drainage and attention to maintain the plants on the roof. In return, green roofs offer long lifespan and they are known to improve the quality of the air around the building and to reduce the urban heat island effect.  Scheduling commercial roof maintenance with http://www.nemasonry.com should be considered to keep your assets protected.