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The Different Techniques of Concrete Restoration

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Concrete damage can occur due to corrosion, structural degradations, water infiltrations, frost/thaw cycles, reactive aggregates, seismic activity, etc. Years of research combined with decades of practical experience have allowed specialists to develop solutions for building restoration and rehabilitating concrete structures.

Much of the degradation results from penetrating harmful materials inside the concrete, including liquids and gaseous materials. Proper protection addresses the prevention of these infiltrations and includes methods for reducing the permeability of concrete and its porosity.

Typical casting or gunning repairs are used when replacements of whole sections or larger concrete areas are required. This method is also beneficial for complex teams with a structural role, such as cross-head beams and pillars, which often present restricted access problems and frequent reinforcements.

Choosing the most appropriate method depends on various parameters, including the surface and quality of the existing concrete, the repair objectives, and the management strategy. All concrete restoration work should consider the position and size of any cracks and concrete joints. This means investigating the nature and causes that produced them, understanding the extent of any displacement of the substrate and its effects on the structure’s stability, functionality, and durability, as well as assessing the risk of new cracks forming as a result of any remedial treatment.