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The Essential New England Roofing Maintenance Checklist

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Among the many things a roofing maintenance list should include, one of the most important things is making sure that the entire roof is structurally safe. That means that whoever is performing the maintenance should firstly do a naked eye check in order to see if they can spot any problems with the integrity of the roofing system. This way, any roofing contractor will know where to start from when doing any maintenance work.

Another important point on any roofing maintenance checklist is to remove any hazardous greenery that might be growing around the roof. Tree branches or even tall tree trunks can pose a great problem for roofs. For one, if they are not strong enough they can be blown over and fall right on the roof damaging it or even worse. Also, debris can fall from trees and accumulate in certain parts of the roof. This debris can lead to moss or other growths that can endanger the roofing system.

Finally, when going through a roofing maintenance checklist, always make sure that the roof isn’t leaking in any place. This doesn’t just mean replacing any dislodged tiles or patching up the membrane. This means that you also have to check under the roof, so the structure in your attic isn’t affected. Sometimes small holes can’t be seen from outside, but they can turn into big problems on the inside.  For help with the exterior and maintenance of your building look to the professionals at New England Masonry and Restoration.