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The Importance of Protecting Your Building from Too Much Moisture

The Importance Of Keeping Moisture Out

Protecting buildings from moisture is not that difficult a task, though it can be somewhat tricky. Finding all the areas where moisture can creep in, either as a result of rainwater leaking through the roof or improper ventilation or walls that need masonry restoration, can be some what of a chore even for experts. However, it’s also well worth the effort, since there are many good reasons why you will want to avoid moisture building up in your building or home:


  1. First, moisture can cause the formation of mold and mildew, leading to the walls or roof of your building being affected and ultimately needing expensive repairs.
  2. Moisture can also become a problem if you’re storing a lot of documents and paperwork. It can easily affect any older papers and make them unreadable, so make sure you deal with your moisture problem or relocate the most important papers to another location.
  3. Moisture will lead to serious problems with your roof, if you don’t contain it within a certain amount of time. Most homes and buildings have roof decking made from wood or affordable membrane roofing that can be affected by water over time, especially if the moisture comes from inside the home. Combined with condensation, excess moisture can easily damage the interior structure of your roof over time, requiring extensive repairs or even a roof replacement.