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The Major Signs That Your Masonry Has Been Damaged by Hail

Damage Signs To Look For After Hailstorm

Hail is a major concern for a number of areas around the exterior of your home. Aside from affecting gardens and roofs, hail can also fall at an angle and damage the side of your home. If you own brittle masonry that can easily be damaged, and there are no trees to block the hail’s falling trajectory, then it should be pretty easy to spot the signs that your masonry has been damaged by hail and in need of a Connecticut masonry repair:


  • The first signs you’ll see will be visible ones. Masonry and brick veneer as well as similar types of siding, can be chipped, pitted and even cracked during a hail storm, leading to the need for replacing certain parts of the masonry or even the restructuring of an entire wall.
  • Hail damage signs become clearer when you observe the direction of the wind during or right after a hail storm. If the wind and the perceived trajectory of the hail matches the impact signs on your home’s exterior walls, then any chips, dents and cracks you might find were likely created by the hail’s impact.
  • Some types of masonry can also lose some of its color in certain areas as a result of hail exposure. Because of the impact of smaller pieces in a denser formation on your walls, the strength of the individual impacts might not be enough to damage the masonry, but it might be enough to discolor it.