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The Nuances of Building Restoration

Building Restoration Project

Building restoration is not all about tearing down walls, lifting heavy objects and working with high-capacity tools. It is also about work that requires finesse, taste and patience, work with the nuances that make all the difference – here are some of the building restoration processes:

  • Interior masonry – working with natural stone is both a craft and an art. The stones to be used need to be picked carefully and they need to be handled with care as well because only such care can ensure that your masonry wall, your flooring or your fireplace turns out the way you want it to;
  • Painting – the process of building restoration inevitably involves painting work as well. If the wall has been painted several times over the years, great care must be taken to remove all the residues of the old paint, then the wall needs to be washed and prepared to receive the new paint and the application of the new coat also needs lots of attention;
  • Wood restoration – restoring wood elements, such as solid wood flooring or solid wood doors the surface of which looks worn, but are otherwise in great condition is also a process that requires respect for the material, vast knowledge and experience in restoring old wood and dexterity.