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The Pitfalls of Putting Off Masonry Restoration

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Let’s imagine what would happen if, walking down the street and passing by a building, a prefabricated block of reinforced concrete or a wall made of masonry, in an advanced stage of degradation, a cantilevered balcony or an entire wall collapsed over us…

Let’s imagine that we are having fun in a club located on one of the upper floors of a building, maybe older, maybe even new, and the floor on which the people who fill the dance floor are located collapses under their weight.

Let’s imagine how we might be affected if a major earthquake surprise us in an unconsolidated building. We could be trapped under the rubble, or worse, we might lose our life.

These are only three of the possible pessimistic scenarios that represent the pitfalls of putting off masonry restoration. Their effects can be considered disasters, but it is up to us to avoid them.

If you feel insecure in the building where you live or work, you have to do a very simple thing: to be aware of the danger and to address to a technical expert to assess the state of the construction. It shall determine, in an expert opinion, the extent of the degradations affecting the structure.

If the building is affected by structural degradations that, by the loss of the load bearing, have caused the appearance of cracks in the concrete and masonry walls, and if inadmissible deformations are found, the expertise will recommend consolidation works consisting of anchorages, stiffening, repairs or structural reinforcements.