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The Services Provided by New England Masonry Restoration Companies

Best Service Masonry Restoration Connecticut

When it comes to concrete and masonry restoration in Connecticut, local specialists are more than masters of the profession – they are also artists who pay extraordinary attention to restoring not only the strength and the durability of the masonry structure concerned, but its beauty as well. Here are some of the services provided by masonry restoration experts in New England:

  • Professional cleaning – masonry restoration processes usually involve the preparation of the work site through specialized cleaning methods that include pressure washing, sandblasting as well as the use of specialized chemicals, after which the job site is inspected one more time before the actual restoration work starts.
  • The restoration work – this phase can involve an incredibly wide variety of tasks, from replacing old and crumbling mortar to eliminating cracks and chips and from taking molds to recreate certain ornamental components to sealing surfaces to restore their weather tightness.
  • Cosmetic treatments – masonry restoration Connecticut area very often involves the refreshing of the color of surfaces and making sure that the surface is repaired match the color of the unrepaired parts.
  • Final quality checks – this phase usually takes place after a certain waiting time needed for materials to dry and to set.