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Things to Expect from The Process of Building Restoration

Building restoration is the process of bringing an old building back to its original state of beauty and functionality and usually the path to take in the case of buildings that have components of historic value, such as old flooring, stairs, windows and doors the original beauty and functionality of which could be restored.

While building remodeling and renovation usually involves the replacement of floors, doors and windows, the principle goal of restoration is preservation, therefore the methods used during the restoration process are different from the strategies used for remodels – here is what to expect:

  • Flooring – the first step in floor restoration is inspection, followed by cleaning to reveal damaged blocks. The damaged components are removed and recreated by an expert, then the new elements are installed and the entire flooring is sanded to restore its smoothness. In the final phase, a suitable finishing method is chosen and applied;
  • Doors and windows – the process of restoring old doors and windows is very similar to the process of restoring the floor;
  • Restoring old fixtures – old lamps and chandeliers are also retouched during building restoration. Very often, the process also involves the revealing and the inspection of the entire electrical system in the building, usually followed by improvements of the system;
  • Plumbing – the plumbing also needs lots of attention in most old buildings – in most cases, the ducts and lines in very old buildings do not comply with modern building regulations and they are replaced with modern systems.  There are building restoration experts such as http://www.nemasonry.com that are great at what they do.