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Tips for Talking with Your Roofer about a Commercial Roofing Plan

Commercial Roofing Talking Points Tips

Whether you are planning to have a new roof on your new commercial building or you want repair or replacement for your existing roofing, you need to discuss every detail of the process with your roofer – here are some tips for efficient communication with your roofer:

  • Take your time to figure out your questions – think about the roofing process and note every aspect that needs clarification. Include costs, project phases and project duration, warranties and the amount of disruption caused by the work;
  • Ask your roofer to explain to you each project phase – that way you can find out exactly what you should prepare for and it gives you the opportunity to test your roofer’s knowledge and helpfulness;
  • Find out about crews and subcontractors – you need to know exactly who will work on your roofing project, so make sure to find out how many of the roofer’s own employees will work on your site, whether your roofer outsources processes to subcontractors and get warranties for the work performed by the roofer’s own crew as well as for the done by the subcontractor’s team;
  • Ask about references – ask the roofer if he is willing to provide the contact details of any of his previous customers that you can talk to about the services provided by your roofer.  Most commercial roofing CT contractors will provide the references if they have done well for their previous clients.