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Tips To Get Your Roof Ready After The Winter

Springtime Roof Repair or Replacement

Getting your roof ready for spring means, first of all, cleaning debris and checking for broken or missing tiles, as well as for damaged or clogged gutters. Cleaning the roof and making small repairs after the winter season will increase its lifetime and lift some worries from your shoulders.

Any accumulation of leaves and pine needles, which is significant enough to retain moisture on the roof, needs to be removed. Such debris do not only retain moisture but also prevents water from flowing down the roof, by blocking the gutters.

How to fix this problem: use a plastic rake, a sweeping brush with a tilted tail or air blowers. In general, pressure washers are too strong for most roofing types and water makes the roof slippery and dangerous. Always remember to reduce the pressure, in order to avoid damaging the roof.

You can prevent debris accumulation by toileting the trees that have branches hanging over the roof.

Another problem is the moss formation on the tiles. The moss has shallow roots and requires a constant source of moisture to survive, – and we all know that the moisture and the roof are not compatible. Luckily, it can be easily removed with a long tail brush, or simply washed away with a garden hose.

To prevent moss build-up, install zinc strips along the ridge. The rain that drips over zinc forms zinc oxide, which will flow over the moss and kill it. Copper strips are also efficient and durable.  To have one of the best professionals in roofing come out and take care of your home’s roof, call on http://www.nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing.