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TPO Roofing – Is It a Good Solution for Eco-Responsible Buildings?

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In the last 15 years, the roofing market as well as companies like that of New England Masonry and Restoration has experienced a trend towards the consolidation of the area of ​​waterproofing products based on TPO. The technical properties offered by the use of these waterproof membranes, to which are added the advantages for the environment, have been particularly appreciated over the years, both by designers and installers.

The composition of TPO membranes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they all stand out for their excellent welding, flexibility and adhesion, in a wide temperature range. Their unique composition allows them to have superior mechanical properties, while simultaneously maintaining an unusually low flammability.

TPO membranes also received positive ratings due to their ecological contributions. They allow the possibility of having a light structure that saves resources. They reflect sunlight (due to their light color) and can thus reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning systems, especially in warmer regions and during the summer. In addition, they can be optimally combined with modern insulation materials and allow the installation of solar panels.

Unlike other roofing membranes, TPO membranes can be recycled and do not release plasticizers into the environment. In addition, they provide an optimal basis for green roofs, are environmentally friendly and support the development of the urban ecosystem.

TPO membranes are designed for reliable protection, providing a durable roof on all types of commercial buildings and structures.