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Trends in Masonry for 2019 – Colors, Sizes and Textures

Masonry 2019 Trends

Masonry structures are not only durable, but also versatile – they can be used for creating a wide range of building restoration components and they can be freely textured and colored to match their built environment. Masonry has been among the trendiest solutions in architectural design for quite some time and their popularity is likely to increase even further in the future – here are a few of the hottest trends in masonry for 2019:

  • Colors – while in the past, masonry components used mostly natural, earth colors, such as shades of brown and terracotta, the dominant trend for next year will be the application of unusual colors, including bright hues, such as reds and blues as well as white, off-white, cream and grey as well as color choices that seem striking at first, such as black;
  • Larger bricks of any shape – recent trends are moving in the direction of more rustic designs that use larger components, larger pieces of stone and larger bricks. Regular and irregular shapes are equally fashionable;
  • Geometric designs for gardens – structured pathways that use clear, geometric shapes and natural or unusual colors are becoming the trend for stylish gardens of any size – the more rustic and irregular the flowerbeds seem, the more impactful the contrast with the clean shapes of the path.