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Trends In Masonry: the use of autoclaved aerated concrete

Masonry In Need of Restoration

Existing on the market since ancient times, the classic materials such as stone and brick have long been the choice of those who wanted to build a home. However, life has evolved and people invented new building materials to meet the increased need for thermal comfort and low energy consumption. Today, options are increasingly various.

An example in this regard is autoclaved cellular concrete, also known as autoclaved aerated concrete, or simply porous concrete. It is a modern building material, which has already been used for over 80 years in both residential and commercial construction. The advantages of this building material are numerous (excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance, durability), which make it more and more popular for single and multi-family homes.

Autoclaved cellular concrete is environmentally friendly, lightweight and it has the fire-resistance of brick. It is made from natural materials: sand, lime, cement and water. Other qualities include excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and ability to regulate the level of indoor humidity and avoid mold formation.

Unlike other masonry materials, autoclaved cellular concrete can eliminate the need for additional insulating products, considering that it has the lowest thermal conductivity values, among masonry materials.  The building restoration experts with New England Masonry and Restoration are a great source of product knowledge.