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The Steps to Successful Masonry Restoration

masonry worker building restoration

One of the first steps in successful masonry restoration is to always use the right tools for the job. Although many masons now have modern alternatives in order to do their projects, there’s nothing quite like using old tools in order to get that same feeling. Sure, some will argue that it takes a lot more time and that it is more hard work. But in the end, the goal of doing a restoration is to recreate something old and to give it its long-lost appearance. And there’s no better way to do that than by using the same tools that were used when the build was first done.

Another important step in masonry restoration is to always make sure that you use the right plans for the job. Over time a lot of people did a lot of interventions on a lot of elements in buildings. That’s why finding the right plans can sometimes be difficult. But in order to be able to restore something to the way it once was, you have to do some serious research and find what it was originally like. That’s because you should never do restorations using plans that were not initially used.  

The Essential New England Roofing Maintenance Checklist

checklist exterior building roofing new england masonry and restoration

Among the many things a roofing maintenance list should include, one of the most important things is making sure that the entire roof is structurally safe. That means that whoever is performing the maintenance should firstly do a naked eye check in order to see if they can spot any problems with the integrity of the roofing system. This way, any roofing contractor will know where to start from when doing any maintenance work.

Another important point on any roofing maintenance checklist is to remove any hazardous greenery that might be growing around the roof. Tree branches or even tall tree trunks can pose a great problem for roofs. For one, if they are not strong enough they can be blown over and fall right on the roof damaging it or even worse. Also, debris can fall from trees and accumulate in certain parts of the roof. This debris can lead to moss or other growths that can endanger the roofing system.

Finally, when going through a roofing maintenance checklist, always make sure that the roof isn’t leaking in any place. This doesn’t just mean replacing any dislodged tiles or patching up the membrane. This means that you also have to check under the roof, so the structure in your attic isn’t affected. Sometimes small holes can’t be seen from outside, but they can turn into big problems on the inside.  For help with the exterior and maintenance of your building look to the professionals at New England Masonry and Restoration.

Why You Might Need Professional Help to Restore Your Old Connecticut Masonry

Why Connecticut professional can help masonry restoration

While some types of minor damage sustained by old masonry structures can be remedied by DIY enthusiasts, if the masonry that you want repointed is an important component of your property and you want it to look spectacular, you should hire a masonry restoration professional for the process. Here is why:

  • Professional techniques and professional materials bring better results – caulk and plaster are not the only materials that can be used for touching up masonry structures. Your professional contractor has knowledge about and access to a wide range of professional materials that will give you better results not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of durability.
  • A professional damage assessment – in some cases, the damage that you notice on your brick wall goes deeper than just the surface and it might be caused by some severe shifting or movement at the level of the foundation. If you hire a professional for the restoration of your masonry structure, your masonry restoration Connecticut contractor will perform a professional assessment of the damage and will inform you if there is a deeper problem that you need to address first before addressing the aesthetic aspect. This also means that hiring a professional to help you restore your old masonry is actually on investment into the safety of your entire property.

TPO Roofing Pros and Cons What You Need to Know

Pros and Cons Commercial Roofing Products Have

Also known as thermoplastic polyolefin, TPO roofing is recently getting more and more popular. One of its main advantages is the fact that it is more affordable than PVC or EPDM. But like all the other types of roofing materials, TPO has its disadvantages as well.

Apart from its convenient cost, TPO is also flexible. Thus, it can be successfully installed both on commercial, and on residential buildings. There are also certain color variations, such as white, black or gray, to suit different styles and architectures. Regardless of the chosen color, TPO roofing systems are UV resistant.  

At the same time, this type of roof can be maintained with very little effort. There are no such things as mold development, tears, punctures and dirt accumulations. Thermal expansion and contraction can be very easily accommodated by this type of roofing material. Moreover, the fact that there is no algae or mold growth means there is no need for pressure washing of a TPO roof.

A major con of TPO is its being somewhat new on the market, which means it has not yet proved its resistance in time. There can also be differences in the quality of this material, from one manufacturer to another. The fact that it has a laminated surface makes TPO susceptible to cracks.  Talk with the professionals in commercial roofing such as New England Masonry and Restoration to find out what products they recommend for long lasting as well as fitting your budget.

Why Would Someone Need A Pigeon Control System?

Pigeon roofing deterent system

The main reason why pigeons can damage the structure of buildings is that their droppings contain uric acid, which can be extremely corrosive. In fact, pigeons are the often neglected cause of serious deteriorations in urban areas. There were many cases in which pigeon feces got accumulated and caused the collapse of building structures, which also affected nearby elements or homes. At the same time, dry particles of pigeon droppings can get pulled into the ventilation system, and thus be inhaled by those inside that particular building, sometimes seriously affecting their health.

This is just one of the reasons why a pigeon roofing control system may be a good idea. Another important reason is that pigeons can make a lot of mess, which can do a lot of harm to the general image and reputation of businesses. Their waste can block drainings and gutters, which can lead to further issues for your home or commercial building. At the same time, due to the fact that pigeons look for food in garbage areas, they can carry and spread diseases.

Luckily, there are various ways in which you can get rid of pigeons. Among the many methods, we could mention bird netting, pigeon deterrents and repellents, pigeon spikes or traps. Find professionals at http://nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing for all your roofing needs.