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Why Would Someone Need A Pigeon Control System?

Pigeon roofing deterent system

The main reason why pigeons can damage the structure of buildings is that their droppings contain uric acid, which can be extremely corrosive. In fact, pigeons are the often neglected cause of serious deteriorations in urban areas. There were many cases in which pigeon feces got accumulated and caused the collapse of building structures, which also affected nearby elements or homes. At the same time, dry particles of pigeon droppings can get pulled into the ventilation system, and thus be inhaled by those inside that particular building, sometimes seriously affecting their health.

This is just one of the reasons why a pigeon roofing control system may be a good idea. Another important reason is that pigeons can make a lot of mess, which can do a lot of harm to the general image and reputation of businesses. Their waste can block drainings and gutters, which can lead to further issues for your home or commercial building. At the same time, due to the fact that pigeons look for food in garbage areas, they can carry and spread diseases.

Luckily, there are various ways in which you can get rid of pigeons. Among the many methods, we could mention bird netting, pigeon deterrents and repellents, pigeon spikes or traps. Find professionals at http://nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing for all your roofing needs.

How Long Does It Take for a Commercial Roof Inspection to Be Completed?

Do you know how long commercial roofing replacement takes

Commercial roofs need to be inspected for damage and problems just as residential roofs would. You have to make sure that your building is properly protected from the elements, and that’s the job of your commercial flat roof. Fortunately, the structure and construction of a commercial roof generally makes it easy for roofers to find any damage that could become a problem, and hidden damage is not often present.

When you call your contractor to inspect the roof, there are generally a few different issues that could be discovered:

  • Immediately visible storm damage;
  • Pooling, wear and tear, mold and other issues that usually take some time to form;
  • Structural damage and problems that could have originated during the installation process.

In general, a complete roof inspection of even some of the largest commercial roofs will rarely last for more than an hour or so. A thorough inspection from http://nemasonry.com/new-england-roofing will typically reveal a lot and allow the roofers to guide you in a relevant way regarding what areas to pay more attention to during roof maintenance.

If there is a significant problem, your roofers should be able to see it within minutes of starting the roof inspection process. They will quickly be able to tell you if a roof repair job is enough, or if your roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

It Is More Expensive To Repair Or New Install Of Slate Roofing?

slate roof commercial roofing worker installation

Slate roofs are popular not only because they are highly resistant, but also because they look great. This type of roofing is extremely long lasting, as it can exceed 100 years. The installation costs can be expensive, but slate roofs certainly pay off in the long run.

But regardless of its longevity, a slate roof still needs proper maintenance and timely repairs, in order to properly function and not lose its much appreciated qualities. The costs of repairing a slate roof may vary, depending on the complexity of the problem and the materials that need to be replaced or fixed. For instance, replacing just one shingle may cost about a few hundred dollars. However, more complex commercial roofing CT repairs or replacements can cost a few thousand dollars.

As far as installation costs are concerned, they can be over 10,000 dollars. Therefore, it certainly is more convenient to repair your slate roofing system, not to mention the fact that you can add more value to your home.

The most frequent repairs for this type of roofing system include replacing broken slates, replacing deteriorated flashings or fastenings, cleaning, etc. At any rate, it is recommended to have your slate roof inspected by a professional team at least once a year.

What Is Liquid Roofing And Why Would Commercial Roofing Need It?

bitumen roofing repair liquid flame sealing

Liquid roofing refers to a resin that is applied to reinforcement material. It has the purpose of creating a powerful and lightweight barrier between the outside conditions and the inner part of a building. It seems to have gained popularity among architects, commercial roofing Connecticut contractors, and so on.

There are three types of liquid roofing which are more popular: silicone, polyurethane and polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA.

Silicone membranes are applied with the help of a squeegee, a roller or a sprayer. It basically has the same qualities as the other two, but it has a very strong smell, which can limit its application in areas such as schools or hospitals.

Polyurethane cures very fast and can be easily applied to a roof structure. There are two types of polyurethane, namely multi-layer and single-layer polyurethane. The main limitations for this type of material refer to the temperature element. Thus, temperatures need to be at least 40-50 degrees. Therefore, the planning stage for installing this type of roof is essential.

PMMA is considered to be one of the most durable types of membrane. It cures rapidly and, due to its chemical bonds, it can be easily fixed later in case of need. This type of roof is less time-resistant, so there is the waste factor involved also.

If You Have Snow Guards Put On In The Winter, Do You Need To Take Them Off In The Spring?

roofing snow guard commercial development

Snow guards have the main role of preventing snow from sliding from your roofing system all of a sudden. In other words, they keep the snow until it can get safely evacuated from the roof. Also known as snow rails or stops, snow guards are great for metal roofs or offer homeowners and business owners protection against several types of hazards, primarily that of roof avalanche.

Roof avalanches can do a lot of damage to adjacent roofing systems, to vehicles, or they can cause accidents to people passing on the streets or to vehicles. The systems designed for snow retention can make snow leave a rooftop slowly and easily, by water evaporation or water melting.

Some people prefer to have snow guards installed during the warmer season, such as spring, summer or fall, when this work can be done more safely and easily. Due to this fact, in case you install them in winter, it may not be necessary to remove them when spring starts.

No matter the season, it is highly recommended that you call on a professional commercial roofing CT team to do the installation. They can find the best area to install your snow guards while also making sure that they are properly adhered to your roof.