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Ways to Pay for a New Commercial Roof

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Putting a new roof on your commercial property is an investment that returns to you in the form of energy savings, reduced downtime caused by roof leaks and more comfort for your employees. Fortunately, the upgrade is nowadays easier even for companies that cannot finance the replacement project from their own resources – here are some great options:

  • Tax cuts – the government wants to encourage businesses to invest into themselves, therefore businesses can benefit from significant tax deductions;
  • Grants – many types of businesses can benefit from grants offered by government agencies, by state-level agencies as well as by private organizations for their capital investments;
  • Payment plans available from building companies – the contractor that you turn to for your new roof might also have financing options available for you;
  • Financing through loans or mortgage – these are generally considered quite expensive options (most loan solutions come with interests and fees), but there are many great loan constructions available for the businesses that want to invest into their energy-efficiency and well-being.

All the above options require the interested businesses to submit an application that need to fulfill formal and content-related requirements, so you will need to evaluate all these aspects before choosing your payment solution and selecting a commercial roofing CT company for installation.