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What Are the Best Commercial Roofing Products for New England Weather?

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New England stretches over 500 miles between Connecticut and Maine and features a humid continental climate, with long, cold and snowy winters and short, mild and rainy summers. The best roofs for the area need to be able to address these climate conditions – here are the most adequate roofing materials to be used on commercial buildings in the state:

  • EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer is a type of rubber material that comes in sheets and is a common and very popular choice for commercial roofs due to its long lifespan. The material is available in black and white, in various lengths and two thickness levels and it makes an excellent, affordable choice for humid climate zones;
  • Metal roofs – available in various alloy varieties, metal roofing materials offer excellent durability and resistance to the elements and they are also easy and cheap to install and to maintain;
  • TPO roofs – thermoplastic olefin is another great solution for commercial roofing CT applications in New England. The material is very affordable and it provides superior protection from the elements, especially from moisture, due to the heat-welded seams. You can expect your TPO roof to stay on your building for up to 20 years