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What Are the Most Popular Brick Colors and Designs to Choose From?

Brick Color Choice Masonry Restoration

Should you consider fortifying your home with bricks, installing brick veneer or getting a brand new privacy wall or fence that will increase your security while keeping away prying eyes? Whichever your choice, it’s very important to keep up with modern trends and choose the best and most popular brick designs and colors available today:

  • Some of the most popular brick colors include dark and medium shades of gray. These bricks often go well with darker hues or with high contrast designs that will make your property stand out.
  • Another great choice is to opt for mixtures of beige and white. If you want your home or your walls and fences to look classy, this is a highly popular option that will turn heads as soon as your home comes into view. Also, a great thing about choosing lighter colored bricks is that they tend to reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. Your exterior walls will therefore ensure that your home remains energy efficient in the summer.
  • Red bricks are still some of the most popular. With shades of crimson and lighter red, as well as light and dark orange, these traditional bricks will give your home an imposing look and definitely improve on its curb appeal as well. Find masonry experts such as http://www.nemasonry.com and take a look at some of the brick colors choices that others are choosing, before you decide.