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What are the signs of deteriorating masonry on my building?

masonry deterioration need Connecticut professional

No matter if they are old or more recent, brick walls eventually become damaged. So what are the exact signs which may indicate deteriorating Connecticut masonry on your building?

Bowing bricks can be signs of potential masonry-related issues on your building. The appearance of white, powdery surfaces on your wall can be some other indicators of masonry deterioration. This usually happens when salts or other soluble substances get to the surface of masonry areas. In case this happens, you need to keep on washing those areas with pressure washing or with the help of a brush.

Missing mortar joints can also indicate masonry-related damages. Fixing mortar joints can be a slow and meticulous process, but it is best to do things the right way and not to rush the repair process, or else you may have to deal with further damages to your building.

Cracking of brick structures is yet another common sign of masonry deterioration. In case this happens, the typical approach is to take out the affected bricks and to replace them with new ones. Cracking should not be a reason to worry too much, because it is a natural thing which can affect most buildings. However, you should take the necessary measures in due time.