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What Are The Top 3 Questions To Ask When Getting A Commercial Roof Replaced?

Getting your commercial roof replaced can be a big deal and can have an impact on the future of your business and keep your employees safe. When looking for the right professionals to work on your roof, you should consider three top questions:

  1. Are you licensed, insured and bonded? In case they are licensed, you can rest assured that they register with the state’s board. Being bonded means that you do your work correctly and ethically. And insurance, that they can cover for damages that are not your fault.
  2. Where is your company located? It is best to hire people from your own region. This way you can check on their previous work, communicate better and make sure that local requirements and regulations are observed.
  3. How old is your business? Knowing how long have been on the commercial roofing CT market is essential, as you can get a clear image about their level of expertise and experience. Although newly established businesses tend to have lower prices, older companies generally have better quality.

Surely you can come up with plenty more questions, but these are the most helpful and can help you reach out to a professional, trustworthy commercial roofing team.