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What Is a Preventive Maintenance Program and Why Do You Need It?

In roofing, a preventive maintenance program can be used to prevent roof damage and fix smaller issues before they become too costly and difficult to repair. For example, if there is minor damage to your flashing, preventive maintenance can detect it early on, and the damaged part of the flashing can be repaired or replaced, so you won’t have to deal with heavy leaks and extensive water damage later on.

Most roofing contractors with New England Masonry and Restoration will provide you with a preventive maintenance program, and some even have flexible and extensive maintenance programs to choose from. They typically specialize in roofing maintenance, so they can definitely help you choose the right type of maintenance plan for your roof.

Generally, these plans will include a thorough roof inspection and investigation to find any potential issues, as well as a set of services and guidelines to help clean your roof and keep up with the right maintenance checklist. The checklist itself will differ from one type of roofing to another, as each material and style is unique and will require slightly different roof maintenance tasks.

When you’re looking to prevent damage to your roof, preventive maintenance programs are the way to go. Contact your local roofing contractor to find out more about these practical and handy maintenance plans.