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What Is A Smoke Stack Restoration And What Buildings Are A Good Fit?

chimney smoke stack brick restoration masonry

Smoke stacks are long pipes which basically allow the air to escape from a building. The very first smoke stacks appeared in the Industrial Revolution. In fact, smoke stacks are nothing but chimneys used for industrial buildings.

Smoke stacks have to be tall enough to facilitate gas release and smoke. Due to the fact that the smoke needs to rise up, rain covers are not to be used. Modern-day smoke stacks are equipped with electrostatic precipitators, which capture ash and soot and thus reduce pollution. Smoke stacks that can be restored more easily are usually made of steel, concrete, fiberglass or other components.

Many types of buildings can be a good fit for smoke stack restorations, including historic buildings and industrial ones. It all depends on the type of materials, the techniques which were used, and the degree of damage. There are many innovative products nowadays which can guarantee a good quality repair or replacement of a building’s smoke stack.

Smoke stacks can generally be affected by constant rains, winds, annual freezing, accumulation of acids which can eat through concrete structures, seismic activities, lightning, temperature variations, etc. Masonry restoration Connecticut inspections are recommended a few times a year, to make sure problems are discovered in due time.