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What Is Concrete Restoration?

Masonry Restoration

Concrete and reinforced concrete are the most widespread building materials because their execution is quite simple, the core components are relatively inexpensive, requiring minimal maintenance. However, in the absence of this minimal maintenance, the concrete degrades significantly and the constructions become unsafe.

Today there are product systems and companies like New England Masonry and Restoration that offer complete solutions for damaged concrete as a result of continually changing weather conditions, chlorine ions, contaminants and extreme environments. These contain primers, cement based mortars and resins, as well as cosmetic mortars. These products are used to replace damaged concrete and restore its original integrity.

Formulated for wet or dry application, these products are efficient, restoring the long-term durability and the strength of the concrete. With fast drying, they equalize concrete strengths, improve aesthetics and extend the life cycle of the building or structure.

  • Primers

Water or resin-based, they prepare a clean and homogeneous surface for repair mortars and contain corrosion inhibitors for the durable protection of steel reinforcements.

  • Structural repair mortars

Mortars for universal repairs, they restore the integrity of damaged structures.

  • Mortars for non-structural repairs

Cementitious repair mortars for the restoration of non-structural concrete elements

  • Finishing layers

They match the color and texture of the original concrete for a smooth and homogenous finish.