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What is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM roofing connecticut companies

EPDM roofing is made with a type of synthetic rubber. Because it is very durable and flexible, it can offer a wide variety of applications, and it can be used also on vehicles. This type of roof offers a lot in terms of versatility, because of its combinations.

EPDM is at the same time elastic and viscous. It gets its name from the chemicals which are mixed together to form this material: ethylene, diene and propylene.

In fact, EPDM roofing refers to several different types of roofing. The single layer of membrane is used together with vapor barriers and thermal insulation that commercial roofing Connecticut companies use.

While rubber has been used for a very long time, its synthetic versions have begun to appear in the 20th century. Nevertheless, they are in continuous development and will certainly have a lot to say in the future also.

Pond liners are a good example of successful use of the EPDM type of roofing. Apart from the fact that there are pre-assembled liners which can last for a very long time, their installation can be incredibly simple.

Moreover, EPDM can provide waterproofing for balconies, terraces, facades, etc. At the same time, this option is very useful for those who plan on installing solar panels.