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What Is Involved In Becoming A Masonry Expert?

what to expect working masonry expert restoration brick layer construction

Masons are those who work with stones, bricks, cement, etc. in order to build houses, pathways or walls. This type of job has been practiced for many thousands of years, only that the materials have certainly evolved a lot.

Most masonry experts start as apprentices. Apprenticeship programs can be accessed through community and technical colleges or masonry unions. To enter this kind of programs it is generally required to be over 18 years old and to have a high school diploma. Sometimes apprentices are also required to take a test.

Apprenticeship programs for masonry restoration Connecticut can last three or four years and include on-the job type of training. As they advance in their training, apprentices can get extra job benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, and so on.

There is also classroom learning involved, with subjects such as construction math, how to read blueprints, or history of the masonry trade. Moreover, prospective masons learn about the tools, tricks and techniques used for this type of job.

Cement masonry apprentices get to learn some other essential things such as how to set forms, make and spread cement, and so on.

After finishing the program, apprentices may start working as journeyman masons. After gaining experience, they can finally become master tradesmen.