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What Is Involved In Masonry Restoration?

masonry repair restoration needed old brick building

In case you own a building, there are many chances for it to have been built with the use of masonry. Masonry is a construction method which can hold bricks or stones together. In short, any kind of building which was built with bricks is likely to have masonry involved in it.

In some cases, the whole building was made with masonry, but most of the time buildings are made with different materials. However, many buildings keep their masonry facades, because they look better than modern types of materials.

There are many signs that your Connecticut masonry needs to be fixed, including cracked bricks, discoloration or crumbling mortar.

Masonry repair involves patching cracks in the mortar. There are also many situations in which your brick, mortar or stone has to be replaced, at least in certain places. As far as masonry restoration is concerned, this involves more efforts than a mere repair.

The very first step is that of removing old, damaged masonry. Then those structures are replaced with brand new materials that mimic the appearance of the old ones. As a matter of fact, masonry restoration is necessary only when a whole building’s masonry gets affected, and that, of course, does not happen very often.