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What is Ponding Water and How Will It Affect Your Flat Roof?

Commercial Roofing Ponding Water Issues

Water is essential for life and there would be no construction without it, but when building components are constantly exposed to the element, they get damaged quicker that you can imagine. The Commercial roofing CT area are designed and built to protect buildings against the elements, including water in any form, but they can fulfil their role only if they are allowed sufficient time to dry, that’s why any accumulation of water on the roof surface is extremely harmful for the roof.

Ponding water – the term used for small pools of water that appear because the roof has lost its flatness – can be caused by many different roof faults:

  • A fault of the drainage system – clogged gutters and downspouts prevent proper water elimination and cause water ponding;
  • Incorrect pitching – even flat roofs need to have a little slope to allow water to roll down;
  • Too much material on the roof edges – another issue that prevents proper drainage.

The effects of prolonged water pooling are a general weakening of the roof that manifests in the form of the increased frequency of leaks, roof sagging, the appearance of moss, algae, mold and mildew on the roof, in the attic and in the building. When noticed in time, water ponding can be corrected, but water is a powerful enemy that can destroy the entire roof if the problem is addressed in a timely manner.