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What Is Roofing Flashing For?

Roofing flashing is a relatively small, but extremely important part of any roof. It consists of pieces of material installed in roof areas where two roof parts are joined and its role is to strengthen and to waterproof the area weakened by the discontinuity caused by the joining process. Flashing is used on all types of roofs – whether you have shingle roof or tile, metal or membrane roofing, you need flashing around chimneys, skylights and other types of inserts as well.

Roofing flashing needs to provide superior protection in the area of application, therefore it is made from impervious, corrosion resistant material, such as special metal alloys, usually galvanized steel copper aluminum or rubberized asphalt.

Flashing installation requires special knowledge, so it is recommended to hire an expert commercial roofing CT professional for the task. The installation method varies depending on the peculiarities of the area where the flashing will be fixed, but the process usually involves the usage of special adhesives and professional tools. Flashing installation is obviously done on the roof and many of the adhesives need to be melted before being used, so flashing installation requires not only expertise, but special safety measures, such as the usage of safety equipment, protective garments and non-slip shoes as well.