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What Is the Best Schedule for Roofing Maintenance?

Mostly any homeowner will have to deal with roof replacement or repair at a certain moment in life. The reason may be either the old age of the roof or a major weather event such a hailstorm or other natural hazard. Nonetheless, there are certain maintenance tips which can help you prolong the lifespan of your roofing system.

While there isn’t really a “best schedule” for roof maintenance, one smart thing to do is check on the state of your roof from time to time, at least once every season and after storms, to see if there are any missing shingles or other elements which got affected by natural wear and tear, harsh winds, and so on. Having your roof inspected by a professional team at least twice per year is the perfect choice. They would typically look if there is any loss of shingles, if they are curling, cracked, etc. The flashing may be peeling or there can be missing granules.  

A professional commercial roofing Connecticut roofer would certainly be able to detect issues which you may not. Moreover, he can offer you valuable advice on how to maintain your roof properly, and what to do to fix any problems. Checking for leaks in your ceiling or in the attic is another important part of your regular maintenance program. Cleaning your gutters and washing your roof are also very important tasks.