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What Is Tuckpointing And Why Do You Need It?

tuckpointing masonry connecticut work

Bricks can form a long-lasting structure for interior or exterior walls, fireplaces or chimneys. Even when the bricks are in a good state, the mortar between the joints can still get damaged in time. And because of that, tuckpointing done by Connecticut masonry experts can be very important.

What tuckpointing does is to improve the appearance of a masonry structure. It typically involves removing a part of the damaged mortar, to fill the joints with new mortar, and then to apply a thin line, which should create a slight contrast with the color of the bricks. Despite the fact that tuckpointing is used mostly for historical buildings, it can actually be applied to any home or commercial building, enhancing their general looks.

Tuckpointing can create a visual illusion, making the entire wall look like freshly-built masonry. That is because the mortar used for filling the joints is chosen so as to match the color of the bricks. Therefore, the fillets are part of the game. They can create the impression that those perfectly drawn lines are the mortar joints per se.

Although tuck pointing can seem an easy job, it requires precision and experience, and should be left in the hands of a professional team.