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What Kind of Maintenance Do EPDM Roofs Need?

Did You Know Roofing Commercial EPDM Maintenance Requirements

EPDM roofing should be maintained regularly, in order for it to have a prolonged lifespan. Although this commercial roofing Connecticut solution is unbelievably resistant to wear-and-tear, it may still need more cleaning from time to time.  

EPDM stands for the abbreviation of Propylene Diene Monomer. A very sturdy material, EPDM is highly resistant to outside weather conditions. Nevertheless, it may still be affected by constant exposure to hot and dry areas, mold, or if it gets into contact with sharp materials. To avoid heat-caused cracking, it is very important to properly clean your EPDM roofing system.

There are some specific activities which should definitely be part of your EPDM roof maintenance routine. You should remove any accumulation of leaves or branches, and also other material residues which may be found on top of your house or commercial building.

The cleaning should also involve sweeping, and for that the best tool is a soft-bristle broom. Also, it is best to brush using a side-to-side movement. Removing potentially damaging materials from gutters is another important ingredient in the whole EPDM roof maintenance routine.

As this type of roof can be deteriorated during tree removal procedures, it is important to do that with great care and, in case of any damage, to take immediate action.