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What Warranty Comes Standard When You Replace a Commercial Roof?

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As just about any roofing job, a commercial roof replacement will provide you with some basic warranties. Replacing an older commercial roof with a new one is no easy task, and a lot of things can go wrong. So the thousands of dollars you pay for your old roof to be replaced could go to waste, if you don’t take precautions to make sure that you’ll be compensated properly, if the roof replacement job goes south.

So, what goes into the warranty for such a commercial project? To answer that, we have to first remember the fact that warranties are typically guarantees that the work and the material that goes into the roof replacement will endure. What the Connecticut commercial roofing professionals are trying to convey through the warranty is a promise that says: “Even if there are storms and other challenges that the roof might go through, the replacement will last for as long as the warranty specifies. If it doesn’t we will repair it in accordance with the warranty’s policies.”

This means in some cases you might even be eligible to have the commercial roofers you hire return to the scene of the “crime” and repair your roof for free, if it turns out that the culprit was a faulty piece of roofing material placed during the installation process. However, be sure to look into the warranty for your roof in advance, since the terms can vary greatly from one roofing job to another.