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What You Didn’t Know About Connecticut Masonry and Concrete Restoration

concrete restoration cracking new england masonry

One of the main things that people may not know about masonry and concrete restoration in Connecticut is that they are not the same. Masonry refers to the buildings and other constructions done using bricks, rocks and other stackable materials. Concrete refers to a type of cement that can be poured in various shapes and can be used in many buildings, both structurally and decoratively. Although the two may be combined, restoring them is different form one case to another.

Another thing not many people might know about concrete restoration in Connecticut is that it is very difficult to do. When doing masonry restoration, you can find the materials easier. But when concrete is involved, there are some very big problems. That’s because depending on the age of the building, the recipe for the concrete used might have changed and might not be available any more. For instance, some concrete mixtures use volcanic ash. That is harder to come by nowadays. Also, because concrete is a composite material, it erodes faster. So, restoring it can be quite tricky because the base is sometimes unstable. You have to be very careful when doing jobs like these, because you might just end up with a pile of dust if you are not able to keep a steady hand. Look to New England Masonry and Restoration at https://www.nemasonry.com for all your concrete restoration services.