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What’s New In Constructions: Modular Construction Is Popular Again

Modular construction is also known as prefab or offsite construction and is anything but new. However, its advantages are being rediscovered, transforming the modular construction concept into a new trend.

Different building elements are created in a factory and then transported to the construction site, where they are assembled to create the building itself. Some modules arrive on a job site up to 80-90% completed, which reduces the amount of work performed on the job site, as well as vehicular traffic, security and disruption.

Surely, every contractor tries to condense the schedule and save costs; with modular construction, this becomes easy.  It encourages designers to be more efficient and reduces delays, enables architects, detailed building restoration specialists and others to work together and maintains quality control. The design is flexible, which makes modular construction suitable for bigger or smaller projects, from residential to commercial and even industrial (being an efficient solution for the problems related to the lack of on-site storage).

Modular construction is also sustainable. We can talk about an improved environmental impact, due to several factors: modular construction is built in a controlled environment, which inherently means less waste.

Not least, we must mention that, besides all the other advantages, modular construction comes with flexible and affordable financial arrangements.