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When is Building Restoration Needed?

Tips For Building Restoration

Building restoration can mean different things. In the case of a historic, building restoration is performed to bring it to a known earlier state or aspect, being based on compelling evidence, such as old pics and descriptions and should be done by top building restoration experts. In this case, it has a rather preserving and rehabilitating purpose.

On the other hand, when it comes to regular buildings, restoration is typically performed to strengthen their structure and/ or reverse the damage caused by fire, flooding or other disasters.

There are four restoration levels that builders use on different types of buildings and for various purposes.


Preserving a building doesn`t involve adding materials or making repairs, but only performing some maintenance work to prevent further deterioration and makeing the building or targeted parts of it (roof, siding etc.) last as long as possible.


Rehabilitation involves a bit more work than restoration, but it is still unobtrusive and performed as a preventative operation. It involves strengthening some elements which would otherwise allow deterioration.


Proper restoration includes the previous two levels and also adds structural improvements , recreating missing features  etc.


Reconstruction is the most complex operating and is needed when a building or parts of it must be recreated, sometimes in  a new style and with modern materials.