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Why Are Commercial Flat Roofs Less Durable Than Sloped Roofs?

Commercial Roofing Flat vs Sloped

Commercial roofing CT can be done in several different ways. Nevertheless, flat roots tend to be less durable than sloped roofs.

For one thing, sloped roofs have better resistance against the outside elements. At any rate, it is a well-known fact that larger buildings can take flat roofs, whereas sloped roofs are more recommended for smaller roofing projects.

At the same time, flat roofs can cost more than traditional sloped ones. Flat roofs require more installation steps, and insulation may also be needed. The main reason sloped roofs tend to last longer than flat roofs is that a wider range of materials can be used to build sloped roofs. We could mention concrete, tiles, wood shingles, and so on. And the slopes certainly help your commercial roof better withstand rainfalls, heavy snow, etc.

Flat roofs require regular maintenance, whereas sloped roofs necessitate your care and attention less frequently. No matter the exact type of roof you decide on, you should have it installed, maintained, and repaired by an experienced roofing team for it to last for a long time.

Get in touch with a Connecticut commercial roofer to do the heavy lifting. They won’t just install the roof; they’ll give expert advice too.