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Why Connecticut Masonry Restoration Services Are the Best

Building Restoration Masonry Brick

Building restoration is necessary when there are permanent cracks or plastic deformations in the structure, resulting from strong stresses that led to the overcoming of the elasticity limits of the material and the appearance of plastic deformations. The structure passes from its state of equilibrium to a state of new post-elastic equilibrium.

Masonry restoration has as main objective the static improvement of the behavior of the structure, using compatible materials and reversible processes.

The application of various consolidation methods using hidden elements has proved, in time, not to be always effective, achieving the preservation of the overall appearance of the building, but not its structure.

The results of the analyses performed on old buildings rehabilitated using new techniques and materials led to the conclusion that the efficiency of modern techniques decreases with the passage of time, sometimes leading to results with negative effects.

In this context, restoration can be tricky. If you think the building you live in is not safe, Connecticut masonry restoration services are your best choice. Specialists have the necessary expertise to thoroughly examine the structure and condition of the building and to determine the best solution for its restoration. The consolidation methods used for the purpose of restoring the superstructure of a building made of masonry include making injections in the depth of the wall, partial rebuilding of some masonry portions, framing the gaps in the walls with elements made of reinforced concrete, or coating one side or both sides of the walls.